FAQs about the Wohlford Scholarship

FAQs about the Wohlford Scholarship


Q. Do you have to be a member of the Briaerean Honor Society?

A. No, you do not have to be a member of the Society to become a recipient of the Wohlford scholarship. The Briaerean Honor Society helps with the selection of applicants. However, membership in the Briaerean Honor Society is always a plus.

Q. How many scholarships are available for how much and how many people apply?

A. The number of recipients depends on the strength of the candidate pool that year, and the amount awarded depends on funds available, which is determined on a yearly basis.

Q. Can I e-mail my application to you?

A. No, the application is online and will be distributed to qualifying Georgia Tech students.

Q. I changed employers. How should both employers to be listed?

A. Please list your most recent employer in the given section, and then add the same information about your previous employer below in the "Other Notes" section. Please also make sure that both are listed on your resume.

Q. If I am unsure about my anticipated graduation date, should I go ahead and apply for the Wohlford scholarship?

A. You must have completed your Co-op work rotations by the end of the spring semester of the next academic year after the application cycle. You may apply for the scholarship, but candidates with a definite graduation date may be given precedence.

Q. I will have completed 3 work semesters by this spring. What is a complete Co-op degree?

A. Completion of your Co-op degree work term requirements as determined by the Career Center by the end of the spring semester of the academic year makes you eligible to apply for the current application cycle of the Wohlford Scholarship. This includes submitting all necessary paperwork. In addition, students completing only 3 work terms are required to have at least two of these terms be during the fall or spring semester.

Q. Do I have to do 3 co-op terms? I am planning on only doing 2. Am I still eligible to apply?

A. No, you must complete all 3 terms of your co-op program to be eligible to apply.

Q. I'd like to apply for this scholarship, but I don't think I will graduate by the coming spring semester. Will this scholarship be offered next year?

A. Yes, the Wohlford Scholarship is offered every fall semester.

Q. I am planning on graduating in the summer. Is there any way that this scholarship could be applied to me or do I have to wait until next year to apply?

A. If you are graduating in the summer semester following the application deadline, you are eligible. However, if you are graduating in the summer of the following academic year or later, please apply during the next application cycle(s).